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Search Engine Optimization Tutorial Meta Description If you are into the world of positioning then knowing what the basic markup is that search engines consider when crawling and indexing a web page or blog post is an essential requirement. This is where one of the most important tags in the meta description or meta description comes into play. In this article we explain everything you ne to know about meta description tags along with the best tips for creating and SEO. Can you come with us? Let’s go there. Contents What is a meta description tag A meta description tag is a code tag that is add on a section of a page with the following basic structure.

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Structure This is a brief summary of the content of the web page Denmark Cell Phone Number List content. This tag appears below the title in the summary of the results page. Examples of title and meta description in SEO titles. How to Identify a Page’s Meta Description There are a number of ways you can see where and what this meta tag is in. Through the source code this is a quick way to clearly identify where you are in the code of your web page. To do this we just have to go to the page where we want to discover the tags, right-click and select view page source. We’ll see all the source code when it’s done.

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To find it is best to press the key combination on the BTC Database US keyboard. An internal search engine. Will be display where we will enter the word. Search engines will then show where the meta description is by highlighting it with color. Goal Description An example meta description for this post as seen in the page source. There are tons of extensions available to us in the extensions repository. Through the extensions program to make our life easier. Through them we can determine how we construct the meta description and whether it is optimiz for search engines. Some of these are online applications that we offer you.