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You can ask but you’ll have to wait a while because the call hasn’t come out yet. The maximum amount of aid you will receive is euros. Yes, there are employees. From the second half of the month you can ask for your help. The maximum amount you will receive is eur. Yes, between employees. You can now submit your digital kit bonus request. The maximum amount of aid received will be in euros. Digital network suite help me. What can I spend it on? As we just saw you will get a certain amount of aid based on the number of employees in your company.

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This amount will not be able to be used as you Morocco Mobile Number List like. The digital kit bonus is allocated to categories to give your company a digital boost. You can only allocate the maximum established amount per category. The same customer can have multiple service contracts as long as they are from the program’s digital category. In our role as a digital agency we can provide you with services in 4 categories of available assistance. The amount of aid received by the site is in euros. Among the aid received by e-commerce is the euro. The amount of aid received by the social network is in euros.

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Analyze how much you can use to receive euro aid. If your BTC Database US company has fewer than 1,000 employees, the maximum amount of assistance in this category is our 100.000 customer management you can use up to eur 200,000 in assistance received. If your company has less than 100 employees, the maximum amount of aid in this category is eur 2. To see it more clearly, let’s take a practical example. I have a company with 10000 employees. They provide maximum aid for my line of business. Eur. With this money I want to give my company a digital boost in various areas and I will be able to use euros to help customers.