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To the accounting system. The transition to new operating mechanisms has allow us to incorporate modern technology and broad application capabilities of the system. We hope this will make for a more user-friendly reliable flexible and easy-to-maintain system while being easier to customize to specific customer ne s. Taxation is one of the most important f eral taxes with fiscal and regulatory functions. The main task of a taxpayer bank is to generate correct reports and file them on time as the liability for breaching these requirements is very high. If we consider the number of securities transactions carri out by banks and the complexity of calculation due to tax law requirements then it is clear.

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Income tax on securities transactions is very responsible Austria Email List and equally time consuming. Having been supplying the software market for the financial industry with an automat tax accounting register since 2000, it has proven itself in use by our clients in many cr it institutions. As part of the securities automation system this functionality is implement as part of the tax accounting module. Firms keep up to date with changes in tax legislation and adapt them to new types of securities transactions. We went a step further and even provid users with a new web interface to work with registers.

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Appearance have chang little for BTC Database US a long time. It’s time to rethink the situation. A new set of tax registers has been roll out, optimiz in terms of providing information and capturing aggregat values. Blocks meet all relevant legal requirements and contain other unique forms not found in previous implementations. The propos solution was entrust by our client to a bank which is one of the largest professional players in the securities market and whose staff is highly competent in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčsecurities transaction taxation. Major changes from the surprise legislation in the new tax register we have implement the current tax code changes are mainly the changes introduc by the f eral act.