The Business Process is Simplified

This format, as the name suggests, is based on and is fully compatible with . Implementation features according to the above requirements, we implemented a new business process management mechanism and necessary infrastructure and transferred part of the business to personal deposit services. We are currently working to transfer the remaining transactions. From version onwards the new mechanism is provided as part of the distribution package together with the single window of the personal services module.

The main component of

This mechanism is the integration of the visual New Zealand Business Fax List editor of diagrams into the accounting workstation. Translator Execution subsystem which is part of the core of the system and is available in all its modules including the . System users create operational diagrams in the visual editor. Sets of logically related diagrams are called packages in terminology and are then stored in a format in a business process repository located on the application server. In order to perform new operations the chart package must be imported into. The system for this use a special menu item in the retail service. At the same time, the system will be compiled into executable code to. Run under the control of the built-in machine when performing operations.

Fax Lists

In this way, the execution of

To the execution based on the generated code. The BTC Database US operations engine does not need to access a database or repository to. Know in what order and under what conditions the operations that make up the business process should be performed. So the mechanism itself has little impact on operational performance and its load on application and database servers. These actions themselves are ordinary functions in the language or through adapters. You can also call the stored procedures in the built-in language macros to access services and objects, etc.