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Make ads promoting your profile Using Instagram ads to promote your profile can be a good option to attract and boost followers, but you must know how to do it or you will lose money and gain few followers. My recommendation is that when you launch campaigns to attract free Instagram followers. How to focus on interaction and reach or brand recognition objectives. 

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Post once a day, and see how email leads it works. Then another week publish up to 2 times, analyze the results and make decisions. In addition, intersperse the publication of photographs with videos, Reels, stories, or IGTVs, that is, varied content, thus avoiding the fatigue of your audience. Reels give a lot of visibility since they are the growing format on Instagram. I am going to mention some of the ones that I like the most and that I apply in my profiles.

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Take advantage of Instagram BTC Database US formats and tools and set objectives for them Another very important point to gain followers on Instagram is to make the most of the different publication formats that Instagram offers. Don’t stay with just one. With these tricks I got more than 10k followers. How to on Instagram. Look at my profile and you will see that they are real. Click on the photo. And now, after seeing these basic but necessary tips to move on to more advanced and effective ones.