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Post once a day, and see how it works. Then another week publish up to 2 times, analyze the results and make decisions. In addition, intersperse the publication of photographs with videos, Reels, stories, or IGTVs, that is, varied content, thus avoiding . Start by fatigue of your audience. Reels give a lot of visibility since they are the growing format on Instagram. That is why you must take very good care of the frequency which you publish Instagram content.

Start by post

Better little and good than email database much and worthless. My recommendation is that you leave aside what the recommend and try it for yourself. and the platform easily highlights your publications, etc. As for tools, you can take advantage of the alternative text (ALT) of photos to better position your photos on IG. Another useful tool is to know what your best publishing time is, and thus share posts at that time to increase reach and interactions. Take advantage of the growing hashtags in your sector If you are looking to know how to get Instagram followers for free or without paying, use this booming hashtags strategy, it is one of the simplest and most effective.

Instagram hashtag

It is about finding the 10 best-positioned BTC Database US hashtags related to your business on Instagram and then leaving a valuable comment on the publications with the best results for said hashtags, which will attract followers to your profile. For example . Start by published a reel about with the hashtag #BarbacueLover, you can leave a comment with suggestions for effective barbecue utensils or how to give better flavor to the meat on a barbecue. That will be a valuable comment and will help you gain prestige and visibility on Instagram. So make the most of an strategy to gain followers.