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A rule a very dark gray is simply us. Hierarchy Finally we come to something that I have mention several times before. Hierarchy allows us to maintain a certain division of the message from the most important to the least important elements. If you don’t know if your project has a good hierarchy it’s best to show at least one person and ask what elements catch their eye right away.  the hierarchy. First font size. The bigger it is the more noticeable it is. The same applies to the weight of fonts.

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Bold text will be caught faster than normal text. Our attention is also drawn to bright colors and high contrasts . Therefore very often the main message for Chief VP Marketing Officer Email Lists example is distinguish by a more contrasting brighter color.  thing of our project is to go beyond the grid. I’m already translating. Designs are usually arrang in a grid of horizontal and vertical lines. And very well This makes them legible. However it doesn’t hurt to give the most important elementdiagonally thanks to which we will break our grid and thus add distinction. It is also worth remembering the rule of three.

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It shows that a person naturally follows the eye first on the left side so it is worth placing our focus there. balance In the simplest terms balance is a project in which the distribution of elements that catch the viewer’s eye is equal. We can distinguish projects in which BTC Database US the balance is distribut symmetrically and asymmetrically . This is where the rule of three comes in handy too put the main graphic on the left side of the grid so it’s balanc with everything else. It’s worth mentioning that balance is one of the hardest things to master.