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Learn key information about a company or any other type of organization. This option shows logo contact info address business rich snippets apply local business data markup in addition to facilitating the possibility of appearing as a snippet on a sitemap and also helps in showing some information to the page snippet. Enriching the results with a summary of your company can help users address concerns and encourage them to decide on your results. Snippets of FAQs Feature FAQ snippets are a very common type of reply. Using this type of markup will allow you to display the portion of the site that answers the question.

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Including markup can get users to your site thanks Sri Lanka Mobile Number List to you. Having their. Questions To visit your page. It’s also good for showing your site to more queries without this tag it wouldn’t show because maybe this isn’t the top name that shows up most often for that keyword but it’s meant to answer a specific question. Courses rich course results will make visible the different courses offer by your site that are relevant to the query. This type of result is very similar to a rich snippet for events and provides almost the same benefits. And it gives you the possibility to display multiple courses before a single query.

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Images and Logos The simple fact that markup BTC Database US with data your company’s logo or an image of an article or page will increase the chances that the image will show up with your code snippet. Although the difference may be small, enriching your results with images may make your results look more attractive and stand out from the competition. Site links are a type of rich search results that appear next to other pages on your site that answer the query keywords. The display pages are those that are thought to be of interest to the user and can therefore be access directly. Unlike other types in this case.