Use the Buttons on the Toolbar

The context menu to manage the list. In the transaction list the user can create any type of correction document for the transaction, calculate the bundl amount, print the select transaction or a group of transactions. Also as mention earlier accountants can now handle multiple transaction lists and process multiple transactions simultaneously. List of wiring diagram posts. The transaction input adjustment window completely retains the wiring appearance familiar to users in the interface of the previous version of the module in the wiring input and iting windows, but the representation of wiring attributes has change.

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To facilitate the work of the user when entering and icing Bulk SMS Czech Republic data. The window toolbar contains buttons for calling functions available in it mode. Features such as moving to a deferr list, changing posting dates, receiving printable posting forms, etc. Requir fields are visually highlight for clarity. When you try to save a record that has a requir attribute that is not specifi , the system places input focus on an empty field and does not allow you to save the record. A mechanism for setting validation of user-enter values ​​is provid in the publishing window as well as in the window for entering personal accounts.

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To activate it a user with special

Rights puts the window into setting mode and in the dialog BTC Database US that opens sets the type and characteristics of the values ​​that can be enter in the select field. After saving the settings the user will receive a warning message if you try to enter a value that does not match the template enter. In particular, we plan to supplement the interface with tools for the mechanism of subaccounts to supplement the set of directories required for accounting and to implement other useful functions so that our software product is made with a modern design that fully meets the needs of all customers in terms of automated accounting.