In the Personal Account List

By selecting any personal account, the user can view the history of balance changes in any currency. The equivalent domestic currency opens foreign currency. If the system type of the personal account is account, the transaction list for any period is open for the equivalent currency. Actual plan and deferr printing report for the period. Personal account map personal account each listing provides a functional graph to upload content to. By default all columns of the list are unload .

In a special settings window

The user can configure the composition of the unload Bulk SMS Sweden columns and the composition of the list columns that will be display on the screen. Upload to image upload list to form the window for entering and iting individual accounts is a multi-tab panel as shown in the image. A separate tab contains the settings for the operational properties parameters personal account is account type limit change history whether a limit was set for the account during entry and personal account belonging to the chart of accounts us by the bank.

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Use the buttons on the toolbar

To control the window. Post list accessing the post list BTC Database US graph is implement in. The posts menu where information is group by chapters. The actual plann and deferr transactions are shown separately for each chapter in turn. The cash transactions in the balance accounts chapter are assign to a special group. They also show a list of actual plann and deferr transactions, respectively. Call up the list with preset filters via the posting date parameter. The default date is a date equal to the user’s current working day so the list. That opens contains deals for that day. From this date regulation no. 1 comes into force to establish new rules for the accounting of property. In the bank’s balance sheet. Let’s take a closer look at what innovations users of the software package’s fix assets and inventory accounting subsystem will face in the new year.