The Decisions of the Intersect

Personal life support operations. If the payment is relat to the beneficial owner beneficiary of the person whose funds and property are frozen, suspend the payment and send a message through it to receive instructions about its future fate. Mandatory control. Payments that fall under mandatory control criteria are report to. Internal controls for unusual transactions. Payments select under internal control rules bas on unusual transaction criteria will also be report to. Furthermore, the bank reserves the right to refuse the execution of such payments by the customer. Control operations that require more attention.

The central bank regularly

Publishes methodological advice bas on the experience gain Belgium Business Fax List detailing indications of transactions that require more attention from the point of view. If such transactions are detect , banks must act as direct in the guidelines. Fifth, it should ensure control over all departments and the customer base of the bank’s information system. Literally this means that the following customer groups must contain information about customers, their representatives, beneficiaries and beneficial owners, the composition and number of ne s that must be met. The minimum is the so-call identifying information, the composition of which is determin by regulation no. But in fact the naming of information should be infinitely expandable.

Fax Lists

Furthermore it is necessary

To store to a certain depth all customer transactions and in BTC Database US general. Information About their activities which can be use for operational analysis. Typically up to two years and in some cases even longer. Measures by the same regulation no. To identify clients their beneficial owners, beneficiaries and representatives and to update in time the identification certificates previously perform . Maintaining a client under regulation no. 1 must determine its level of risk. This must be justifi by identifi risk factors and the bank’s private decision for a particular client.

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