Legislation Does Not Assign

Significant significance to the level of risk, its impact on the analysis of client transactions against internal control rules can be fundamental. Clients and their beneficial owners and beneficiaries must be checked against the list of terrorists and extremists provided to enforce the decision to freeze their funds and property. Coordination body on the freezing of funds and property of legal entities and individuals should be considered. Customers must be checked against lists related to financial monitoring obtained from various sources participants in foreign economic activities strategic companies public officials terrorists and extremists individuals invalid identity cards, etc.

The results of these inspections

Are use in controlling unusual operations Brazil Business Fax List operations. That require more attention when making decisions about customer service. For the same purpose customers should be check against stop list unreliable persons list etc maintain by the bank itself. Sixth, the financial monitoring system shall provide users with timely and sufficient information in order to refuse to provide services to customers under the circumstances stipulate by law. To refuse to sign an account agreement with a suspicious account opening purpose. To refuse to execute if the customer does not provide the necessary documents. If the purpose of the operation is suspicious. Action termination of the account agreement with the customer if the customer refuses to perform two actions within the calendar year.

Fax Lists

The next task of the system is

To fulfill the information  as part of the functionality BTC Database US according to the requests received from. The date so far in written form and in the near future. Also in electronic form providing information in electronic form should be support. Another important function is to provide the information and services required by the bank. Functionality should provide the user with a large number of we’re talking dozens of various reports send. Alerts about approaching and approaching deadlines generate. Action recommendations in various situations present information integrity in a convenient form in the user interface.