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The of long and complex phrases such as. Howtobuildafutureproofedseostrategyr or creativeleadmagnetideaslawfirms it can become confusing. A person may not even want to take the time to translate and understand such an address. Therefore if your site is intended mainly for people speaking Russian it is better to use. CNC transliteration or simple and understandable words in English. This will help avoid confusion and make your site more user friendly. And for more complex pages you can use transliteration so as not to force people to remember or translate complex words and phrases.

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What kind of CNC to use in the end Depending on the target Indonesia Telegram Number Data audience and the direction of website promotion you can use different types of humanreadable URLs. The best option is to combine transliteration and Latin to reach both Russianspeaking and foreign users. CNC symbols When creating humanreadable URLs it is recommended to use Letters of the Latin alphabet from A to Z in different cases lowercase and uppercase. Numbers from to . A hyphen or an underscore _ as a separator between words. For example httpssite.rukrasivyebukety or httpssite.ruavto_zapchasti.

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Below are several CNC templates that will help

Other Cyrillic characters underscores Indonesia Phone Number List periods commas etc. are undesirable in CNC as they can negatively affect indexing or cause errors on the server. It is best to stick to a combination of Latin letters numbers and hyphens. For detailed guidelines on creating a URL structure see Google Documentation . Rules for drawing up CNC The structure of humanreadable URLs may depend on the CMS used the structure of the site and the subject of the resource.  you organize links on your site more logically. Base address Example httpssite.rucompany A simple and understandable format usually used for the main pages of the site About the company Services Contacts. This template makes the URL short and clear. Address with .html extension Example httpsexample. ruservices. html Often used for static pages.