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The URL of the translations These are page addresses formed using Russian words translated into Latin according to transliteration rules. For example instead of the Cyrillic spelling what is SEO will be written in the transliteration as chtotakoeseo. CNC URL on translit The main advantage of transliteration is that such URLs are equally well received by all search engines. Therefore pages are better indexed and served according to user requests. At the same time the transliteration remains understandable for people.

URL in Latin in English Addresses formed

That is it turns out to solve two India Telegram Number Data problems at once SEO optimization and usability. URL in Cyrillic These are page addresses in Russian using Cyrillic letters. For example httpsru.wikipedia.orgwiki_URL This is what the address looks like in the search results CNC URL in Cyrillic But there are also difficulties. When such a Russian address is sent from one system to another it can turn into a strange set of characters that looks like a mess. For example This occurs due to a special Punycode encoding.

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Cyrillic alphabet for external links indexing

It is needed so that computers can work India Phone Number List with different languages. But this encoding can make the link unclear and even look suspiciously like spam. Therefore it is better not to use the by search engines and placement on thirdparty sites. To avoid any technical difficulties. rom English words and phrases in Latin letters. CPU URL in Latin Search engines understand such addresses well and easily find the sites they need. But for people who do not know English well difficulties may arise. For example if the site address uses simple and familiar words like news shop or blog then it will be easy to understand what the page is about.