SEO reports for the website: why and how to do them

The elements to take into consideration. And the steps to follow to create effective reports . On the positioning of your site. You are in front of your site. And you are wondering if everything is working as best as possible or if you can still optimize it on the seo side. Let’s start from an assumption: making a site run well requires constant and careful work . To evaluate its positioning and understand exactly where to make adjustments. You can use reports . What is a report? It is nothing more than a set of data regarding a site. It is generally drawn up after careful analysis and has the aim . Of highlighting critical issues , but also of making suggestions . In short, the report allows you to understand what and how should be improv.

Why do an SEO report for your site?

The answer is easy to understand. If you’re going to do a report, New Database¬† it means you want to have up-to-date data on your site . With the intention of improving it. How is my site rank on google and other search engines? This could be the first question you ask yourself to evaluate the visibility of your site on the web. Which contents are most read and on which dates or times of the day? How long do users stay on pages? We bet you can’t wait to get these answers to discover the most popular parts of your internet portal. From evaluating positioning to mapping your site’s visitors .¬† The reports allow you to find timely answers to these and many other questions.¬†

SEO report: what are the main elements to analyse?

 From report analysis you can obtain valuable data on. BTC Database US How to improve the user’s browsing experience.  What content to create or refine; how to reach the top positions in search results. The purpose of an seo report is to highlight the elements . That make a site more visible , more appreciat and therefore “Higher” on the serp. You can work on specific reports that focus only on certain aspects. This depends on your goals and priorities. This way you avoid losing sight of the problems you want to intervene on and would like to correct.