Tools and techniques for carrying out SEO analysis of a website

From studying the competition to evaluating your site.  On-page, we reveal our tricks for dealing with the seo audit. A site that works properly is the starting point for reaching the top positions on google . In addition to structuring your pages to provide.  Targeted answers to specific user problems.  You must ensure that the site is optimized in every aspect. For this reason it is essential to carry out an seo analysis .  Which highlights the positive aspects and highlights the problems to be solved.  If there are any techniques for. So let’s go into detail: let’s start with the seo audit . What is seo audit? 

What is SEO audit?

There are two main requests that your site must meet. Special Data On the one hand, providing the information that users are looking for.  On the internet and on the other, organizing the contents to ensure that they are easily usable. In short, it should be a useful and easy to navigate site . To make sure of this last aspect, you need to familiarize yourself with the seo audit . It is a technical procedure that analyzes the internal and external aspects of your site .  Those same aspects that influence its position on google results . 

Online competition analysis

From the competition, to the internal structure and content. BTC Database US  All elements are explored to provide you with a complete picture of the health of your web portal. There is no single way to approach the seo audit. Each professional proceeds with their own methods and tools . Below you will find the steps that constitute our approach to seo analysis .  To gain ideas and discover guidelines . Keyword analysis.  Online competition analysis first we get an idea of the context.  In which the site of the client who asked us for consultancy is located. In other words we study the sector and the competition .