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Today, companies find consumers on social media, allowing customers to discover new products before actively searching for them. And up to 44% of buyers use social networks as the main source to discover new products. To respond to growing business challenges, HubSpot presented its new products during INBOUND 2023. These include HubSpot AI , a series of artificial intelligence.

(AI) products such as “Chatspot,”

A virtual assistant that combines ChatGPT capabilities with data from various industry email list sources, including HubSpot’s intelligent CRM. This tool, still in beta, has been used by more than 80,000 people since its launch in March 2023. In addition, it introduced the new Sales Hub functionalities. “With generative artificial intelligence.

Releases presented at INBOUND 2023

We are seeing a transformative change, and we need to BTC Database US take advantage of these technologies to connect with our customers regardless of their size,” said Yamini Rangan, Global CEO of HubSpot. On this page you will find more information about the new releases presented at INBOUND 2023. About HubSpot HubSpot (NYSE: HUBS) is the customer platform that helps your business grow better.