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This data underscores the potential of AI, with more than 37% of respondents predicting that most people will incorporate AI in some form into their activities by 2024. During 2023, global economic uncertainty has caused sales teams to face significant challenges, however, amid these challenges, there is a valuable opportunity in technology.

New consumer habits

Allowing sales leaders to improve the top industry data effectiveness of their teams. and work smarter, not necessarily harder, freeing up time for more relevant tasks. New consumer habits: social networks lead product searches During the meeting, it was discussed how the connection with consumers and customer expectations is undergoing a significant change.

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E-commerce platforms have expanded

From the way they discover products to how they buy and use them. Digitalization has BTC Database US revolutionized consumer habits as consumers. Can now discover and purchase products online from anywhere and at any time. Social networks and e-commerce platforms have expanded the possibilities of interaction and purchasing, leading to a change in the way people research and purchase products and services.

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