Several Orders of Magnitude

Since now not only customers but also beneficial owners and beneficiaries as we have already point out must be check against the list all kept in the same catalog it is necessary to import the entities into the catalog. And of course in order to accomplish all this the function of freezing the funds and property of the economic agents arose.The user has to call a special small panel in the subject directory in which he states the reason for the freeze and details of the freeze decision and then saves the enter data. At this moment, the freezing program is start to poll all application subsystems in turn to inquire whether there are assets allocat to the client to reflect frozen funds and property, money, security deposit boxes, etc.

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The actions requir to stop debit transactions an Guyana Email List create a separate entry in the list of block actions in the financial monitoring subsystem. The attributes of this record correspond to the attribute map establish by decree no. Freezing client funds and assets action status controll date client currency russian ruble amount ruble securities shares documentary securities value nominal market additional information exit list save image. The action parameter panel for freezing client funds and properties is follow by the employee user of the financial monitoring unit invokes.

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The function of uploading

A new record This function generates a message BTC Database US file in a pretermin format and transfers it to it. Checks under regulation no. 1 are also support to check organizations and individuals among bank customers that have taken or should take freezing measures. Users on a special list can create records about the results of select inspections and can also use it to upload messages in establish formats. The well-known non-compliance with legislation in the field of financial regulation is in fact the technical basis of the campaign by the central bank of the russian feration to withdraw licenses from crit institutions. The breakthrough of feral law no.