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The table are automatically initializ with the data available in the system if possible to make the user’s work as easy as possible. In particular, the names of attachments establish under regulation no. 1 are automatically generat. When all requir data is fill in and all requir attachments are ready and list, the user invokes the process of uploading the information to. First the process uploads the attach file to a directory on the user’s workstation. The user provides a verification code using an electronic signature to sign it and return it to the system in a protect form.

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Can complet in accordance with the requirements El Salvador Email List of. Regulation no To form an archive file which contains. The complet message file and its attachment files. The user signs the archive and sends it to . Freezing of client funds and property the practice of freezing client funds and property introduc by law no. 1 was a real revolution. Firstly cause national legislation has finally come close to international standards in this respect. The second is cause of profound changes in the working techniques of financial monitoring specialists and other bank employees involv in the process. The central bank of the russian feration issu its directive no.

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Regulating new technologies

Now if a bank customer is found on the terrorist BTC Database US list the authoriz agency decides. To freeze the customer’s funds and property, all valuables operat. The bank must frozen to stop debit transactions with them humanitarian except those. Having not done so fore, the bank simply suspend operations and ask permission to proce. Suspension of operations now also applies but only if funds. Are found to frozen in the client’s neficial owner or neficiary. The improvements were also very radical. The most impressive change has occurr in the technology that uses terrorist lists.