These Events Did Not Affect

In any way as the laws and originally enacted were not intended to be directly applicable but to distract attention from the internal affairs of the state. But the opposite is true. The idea of ​​activity that forms the basis of the new law and practice seems so foreign to them that it increases the pressure. In this case, Russian lawmakers began to amend the law and issue regulations. In the first half of year zero the legislation became a subject of automation it was used to form transaction reports suspend payments etc. For a long time all this activity has been mostly formal as things stand.

Banks are performing some

State-imposed rituals but are not very interested in their Germany Business Fax List effectiveness. Rresponse to its efforts has also been scant. The beginning of the last phase, which continues until today, is associated with the publication of the federal law no. 1 of the year. A notable feature of this phase in terms of legislation is the previously inaccessible proposals. Not yet fully compliant but enough that banks no longer view financial monitoring. As an unfamiliar formal duty that interferes with or even diverges from main activities. As developers communicate with relevant parties in the bank, we have the opportunity to observe the development of the fourth stage in real time.

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The financial supervision department

Is being restructured from a secondary technical BTC Database US department to a key department. With direct access to the top management of the bank. In particular, it is not uncommon for the responsible officer to have the rank of vice president. Internal control rules are becoming an expanded and comprehensive document. With requirements far beyond the constraints of the still very limited domestic legislation. The mere enforcement of legal requirements is taken for granted as the context for wider self-sustaining activities. There are more fundamental reasons for these changes.