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Fear of being sanctioned or even stripped of licenses under the code of administrative offenses, there are now virtually no claims by central banks for non-compliance with requirements. In fact, as domestic legislation dealt with the recommendations it came to be not only in their letter but in their spirit. The latter is more important than words because financial activities are so complex and diverse that it is impossible to formulate exhaustive and complete rules to control their legality. Only certain principles can be formulated, and their effectiveness depends largely on the quality and conscientiousness of those who execute them.

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Case the need for credit agencies to comply with these Singapore Business Fax List principles implies. A transition to a new level of accountability. It used to be about fighting criminals laundering money. It had little to do with ordinary law-abiding citizens. Someone somewhere committed a crime and someone somewhere grabbed their hand while they tried to launder money through a bank. But since those childish times our world has grown smaller and more connected. At the same time it turns out That the same benefits of using financial communications for one’s own purposes. Are a much more dangerous one for every inhabitant of the planet.

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Further advances have brought humanity to BTC Database US a new level of risk that is already universally lethal. Weapons of mass destruction are technically available as before not only to the most developed countries. Also to lagging countries and even individual organizations. Issue prices from the level of national budgets. Down to the value of the balance sheets of the non-largest commercial banks. These changes in the overall situation have been reflected in the recommendations once a country, through its financial institutions, starts following them.