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Another example there are teas on your shelves.  to sell it together with the brewing jug. As part of such cooperation you can create a set together offer a discount to your customers promote each other on social mia. connect with micro influencers running a local boutique you are unlikely to partner with maffashion but with a local fashion blogger why not. A micro influencer is a person who has between and followers. There are portals such as upfluence that will help you find the right cooperation.

Create a christmas product

Christmas service very often people are encourag to buy the most suitable offer. How to do it better than by providing services and products that will only be available during the holiday season. It can be an advent calendar or for the whole year providing gift Brazil WhatsApp Number List wrapping a special line of christmas products. It is not without reason that when we pass by second hand shops in november we can see sweaters with christmas trees and a snowman at the exhibitions. Most likely we won’t get them there in other seasons because what’s the point. prepare special product sets this is one of my favorite products.

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Certain bundles are only available

During the holiday season and I personally like that a lot. When you go to the store and get specially select cosmetics for him in a local business it usually sounds better to you than another set from the chain store. Of course you can be more creative and not BTC Database US limit yourself to gender specific sets. Last year I got a basket of zero waste products from my family and I was very happy because I want to start using them for a long time but I didn’t know what to do.  always remember about products that will complement each other and give discounts on them more than once you may wonder how you can make the customer buy more.