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Show off And don’t forget to let the magic of christmas float in your store as well. Put up a christmas tree bake cookies make sure that the customer associates you with a warm memory.  show off that you are a small business I like to support small and often local businesses. And I know I’m not the only one. you can on the website in social mia or in the newsletter. Also remember that people like to buy in a small business because of the background and history of the brand or that mr. Marek who always gives great advice this hania with whom he likes to talk.

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Businesses with a bit more coziness more personal with a slightly more individual approach. When christmas comes it’s worth telling the story of the brand or showing Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List the people behind it. This will warm up your image and perhaps win the heart of some people.  bet on video marketing reels are becoming an increasingly popular form and they rul in. Therefore bet on recording second videos. This can be for example funny content e.G. Showing a typical christmas family shopping situation display of your shop bragging about a specific product or service.

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Using other forms of video marketing. You can for example stream showing your christmas offer. Social selling is becoming more and more popular and can significantly expand its reach.  collaborate with another small business it has been known not since yesterday BTC Database US that two are not one. A different business that fits your brand will help you expand your reach and gain new customers. Think about what might work for you. Example you sell stationery. Great interesting stationery will definitely come in handy for this.