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But it would be more or less guaranteed. Hands off my PII! In addition to the urge of publishers authors and other creators to keep genAI away from their content there’s another very real problem it faces in the immediate future. The need to somehow guarantee that in the act of scraping millions of gigabytes of data from the web they are not inadvertently seizing personally identifying information (PII) or other types of data protected by existing regulations. The FTC opened a probe into OpenAI over consumer protection issues.

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Reported simply banned OpenAI and ChatGPT over the handling of personal data as well as the absence of age verification controls. Operations were restored after the business lead Italian demands were complied with. European challenges are by no means over. A sweeping complaint filed in Poland claims that OpenAI is in systematic breach” of GDPR. Suffice to say that European courts tend to be more sympathetic to citizens’ rights than to big tech’s profits. We haven’t even mentioned trust and safety. Those concerns were covered in my recent

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Monetize what they write. They too do not seek to have third-parties profit from their work with no recompense for the creator. Everything I say here about written content applies equally to graphic video and any other creative content. We do have BTC Database US copyright laws of course that protect publishers and authors from direct theft. Those don’t help with genAI because it crawls so many sources that the ultimate output may not closely resemble just one of the individual sources (although that can happen). Right now publishers are

 Gartner’s AI hype cycle expert Afraz Jaffri who said: The first issue is actually the trust aspect. Regardless of external regulations there’s still a fundamental feel that it’s very hard BTC Database US to control the models’ outputs and to guarantee the outputs are actually correct. That’s a big obstacle. What does the future hold for genAI? The Gartner Hype Cycle Will all this trigger the off switch? It’s easy to say that genAI is here to stay. Plenty of people have said it. And indeed a significant — if not entirely novel — development in technology is highly unlikely to be forgotten or abandoned. At a bare minimum organizations will continue to use these