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Capabilities on their own datasets or cautiously Humans may determined external datasets and that will meet many important use cases. Nevertheless the chances that genAI will be disrupted constrained and very much altered by some combination of regulatory blocks legal challenges trust issues — and other obstacles as yet unseen — are well above zero. Donald Davison Turing’s Test” Mind 59 (1950) ↩︎ Add MarTech to your Google News feed. Google News Related stories Meta launches genAI features for ads This week’s AI-

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Monetize what they write. They too do not seek to have third-parties profit from their work with no recompense for the creator. Everything I say here about written content applies equally to graphic video and any other creative content. We do have BTC Database US copyright laws of course that protect publishers and authors from direct theft. Those don’t help with genAI because it crawls so many sources that the ultimate output may not closely resemble just one of the individual sources (although that can happen). Right now publishers are