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Keyword Research Our searches for keywords have to point not only to the country but also to the specific region we want to target even if the search intent is similar even if it is the same language users use the same keywords to refer to the same service or product. This is especially important because it is often overlook when internationalization happens in a country that speaks the same language. If you are making the leap to Mexico, you have to do your research for that country because even though we share a language, Mexican Castilian English and Spanish have several differences that can undermine your targeting strategy if not account for.

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Learn how to do keyword research well and get free templates Website Saudi Arabia Mobile Number List architecture Closely relat to keyword research is the design of web architecture. The category and subcategory tree and the wording that makes it up must be unique and specific to each market we are working with so that they can be identify index and locate. The seeker, although we usually talk about Google, has to take into account a large part of the planet when internationalizing a project. The Mountain View giant is nothing more than a secondary or even fringe option. In Europe and America, it is second only to ubiquity. Google. This is the most commonly us search engine in Russia.

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Baidu is essential if you are going to run a Chinese search engine in BTC Database US the Asian market. Domains and Hosting Types We have several options when setting up domains Generic domains with country indications via subfolders. Or generic domains indicate country regions via subdomains. or a domain with a country code. Domain Name or Domain Name Recommendations We always advise our clients to work through subfolders as they allow us to leverage the authority of the main domain when starting a strategy in another country. Hosting is the physical space where your website is host. Depending on the type of domain you choose, there are several hosting types that are more expensive than others.