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A live show or you would just like to rehearse it beforehand, you can choose the practice option. To do this, access the Instagram news section, swipe to the right and select the direct option .  the transmission to be public and anyone can see it, or in practice and no one will receive notification. Later you can change this by hitt end live and choos the option to broadcast live with more people. How do I silence an Instagram live? If you are do a live show and you ne to mute it because there is noise or because someone is talk to you, you can click on the icon in the menu on the right in the shape of a microphone.

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It again so that they can listen to you. How to make South Korea Phone Number List an audio-only live? If you want to do an audio-only live show, you can deactivate your mobile camera by click on the camera icon in the menu on the right . By default your profile image will be display. But you can add a background image if you want (and you have an Apple device). How to put a background image in my Instagram direct? If you want to do a live webinar, in which you show background images, you must start your live and select the photo icon from the menu on the right.

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The image you want to be display and it will show the camera in small. If you are go to do this, I recommend that you do a test beforehand to prevent the designs you create from be cover by the camera or what the assistants write. This functionality is only available for Apple devices . How to add a moderator to my Instagram BTC Database US direct? A long-await function that Instagram add a long time ago is the possibility of add a moderator to your live streams. In this way, a person can help you by manag. The questions so that you can answer them and not miss any or silenc haters.