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Therefore, Allow me to quote the text with which the Google Analytics post where they announce the Assistant function begins: «For marketers, entrepreneurs and product designers it is very important to be constantly connected to data. However, data alone rarely provides the insight needed to drive a business. Extracting a couple of key ideas, interpreting them and acting on them can be really expensive. If we add to this that we live in a hyperconnected, global and frenetically dynamic world, the cost of synthesis, analysis, interpretation and action of this data can be very expensive . More or less. Do you understand? That’s why the folks at Google are so proud to announce the new.

Google Analytics Assistant feature

A tab that automatically generates intelligent insights from your Analytics data. In other words, they use artificial intelligence in combination with your analytics data to executive data provide you with valuable information that allows you to understand the reality of your website and act accordingly . Amos, Google guys, you should have hired me to explain it. Combine your Analytics data to give you valuable insights and recommendations. Offers quick tips on how to improve your Analytics data.  It gets smarter over time at interpreting and reacting to how you use it. It helps you share data with your team (if you have one) to be able to align strategies.

For example it helps justify

The programmer’s hours to achieve two seconds less loading time. Basically that. I, personally, have tried the tab and I have already written down a couple of tasks that I have to carry out. Let’s say that, in summary, it is a way to see Analytics data in a more understandable way, even if you BTC Database US have no idea about web analytics . The Google Analytics Assistant tab is available only through the applications themselves on both IOS and Android, but it will soon be available in the web version since, as Google announces when entering Analytics, “an update will be released soon .

Therefore, Google Analytics » . Of course, I’m very hesitant, so I’ll take advantage (to complete the post) and tell you what’s coming, just as I’ve been able to read in this post : Simplified navigation. They introduce a new design based on the “material design” standard, with a sidebar that can be adjusted and hidden. Customization tab. A tab is included where all the elements and configuration options Therefore, of Google Analytics are concentrated. Easier to change accounts. With the new interface it will be even easier to switch between analytics accounts, without leaving the view. Last session memory.