The Formigal Panticosa station begins the Aramón Group

The Formigal-Panticosa station of the Aramón group will open its doors on December 3 , Saturday, on a limited basis. Therefore, the station teams work on the snow accumulated thanks to the snowfall of recent days and the low temperatures, which have allowed the snow production systems to be launched.

The scope of the opening

The sales conditions will be reported in a more precise. Part due to the proximity of the date since work is being done. To improve the current top industry data state of the slopes. Therefore, the entire winter center team is working intensely. Therefore, prepare the snow that has fallen in recent days to open the lifts in the best conditions. Although at first a limited opening is planned, work will be done to progressively open the lifts in the Anayet, Portalet and Izas valleys along the bridge .

At the Cerler station

Intense work is also being done on snow production with the expectation of opening on December 6, whenever conditions allow. These days, the BTC Database US temperature is favorable to start the snow. Cannons that will be operating 24 hours a day. Therefore, despite the snowfalls of recent days. The Javalambre and Valdelinares resorts. In the Turolense Iberian System, cannot meet the minimum quality standards to offer for skiing.