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Add descriptive text attributes to images. Non-existent data encryption and privacy policies. As with any commercial enterprise, failure to comply with legal requirements is a very serious failure. Internet companies are no exception. So check the website of your country’s Ministry of Commerce or Economy Create a legal and/or privacy statement for your page and make sure it has a prominent place on your website for quick reference. The worst thing you can do about your website being vulnerable to hackers is not having safeguards and data connection encryption to protect the exchange of information between your pages and your visitors.

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Charging time is too long. A web page that takes a long time to Belarus Mobile Number List display is a serious mistake in this age of on-the-go consumption of information. What Your Business Expects If you don’t implement and maintain measures to optimize load times then addressing this shortcoming is critical to your site’s search engine rankings in the weeks and months after launch. The first step reduces the weight of the image in bytes. This will help you reduce the overall weight of the page. For this use free online tools eg. Then reduce the amount of individual content that needs to be loaded on each page. Industry standard is an element but it may vary by industry.

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You may also be interested in Creating a Website BTC Database US Makes a Business Successful Reasons to Invest in a Well-Designed Website Whether you have a successful business website that isn’t designed for mobile devices. In the previous point we mentioned mobile users and their perception of page speed is critical to getting their preferences. Luckily most web platforms already have this functionality built in so you don’t need to know how to make a mobile-friendly website as its programming and pre-built templates will do it for you. Let’s face it if you don’t give yourself the opportunity to learn from your mistakes and improve you will never be.