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A concept marked as hard to locate but with known search intent we’ll give you another very intuitive example. If we perform a search for conversions from euros to dollars do we want to land on a landing site that has long text talking about euros and dollars and an extensive table with the equivalents if we see that could close the page in seconds. Instead if we get to one that doesn’t have any content but has a bar to put the amount in euros we want to convert and a button to click and give us the result in dollars that’s not me.

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What do we want? Are we looking for? Well Namibia Mobile Number List this summarizes exactly what the search intent is. While the old ones would recommend the first option, today’s ones allow you to position on top of almost nothing taking this into account. So this requires google bot to know how to correlate content and elements well to ensure that the search intent is fully satisfied. Types of search intent naturally, when we delve deeper into search intent we find more complexity. First we have to distinguish between the different types of user search intent on the internet transactional search wanting to perform a certain action.

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For example, users who purchase products, subscribe to BTC Database US services, download programs, etc. Purchase automatic coffee machine information search users who need information on a topic. What is folic acid specific information search it is the limit of information search when user needs specific information. Example how many residents of Granada go to search users who are looking for a specific destination they want to know about on a possible visit. Example what to do in Granada navigation search for users who are looking for a web address but don’t know it or have forgotten it. The example amazon search device action wants to use shift.