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Their locations. vidtao If what you want is to see what a brand is advertis on YouTube, then write down this tool because it is the one that will allow you to see it. And it has a free version, although in this case it is external to the social network itself. Tools to organize you If you manage several brands, you ne tools to organize yourself well. Here It is a tool with a free version in which you can organize your content to have everyth in the same tool. It is bas on folders and pages that you can add to have all the necessary information. And within those pages you can make lists, tables or calendars. In addition, it has a web version.

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Windows, so you and your team can access it Italy Phone Number List from anywhere with an Internet connection. Google Calendar Since I tri this tool, there is no turn back. Although I still use my calendar to break down the different tasks that I have to do, I use this tool to work in blocks, so that I organize my time in blocks accord to my clients, the train I give or personal ths that I have to do. Putt a color on each of them, so that it is more visual for you and you can see everyth at a glance. I leave you here a tutorial of this free tool from Google. Google Drive To share the creatives, videos or the itorial calendar itself for social networks, one of the best tools is Google Drive. You have 15gb to use as you want for free just for hav a Google account.

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Jessica Quero Purpose: Manage the send of notifications about social mia and digital market. Legitimation: Consent of the interest party. Recipients: Jessica Quero Purpose: Manage the send of notifications about social mia and digital market. Legitimation:  Recipients: The electronic bulletins or newsletter are manag by BTC Database US entities whose headquarters and servers are locat within the territory of the EU or by entities cover by the EU-US Privacy Shield agreement, comply with the precepts of the I leave you a video of how you can create alerts in Google.