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It’s easy, just enter the plugin name or other reference you want and it will be filtered in the plugin list. There you just need to select the plugin you want and click install now. Won’t let you install the plugin button will change to so you have to wait for the process to complete before you can click it. Install the free plugin. The activation process can also be done from the installed plugins directory where we will look for the name of the plugin we just installed and click on or. After activation there will be a deactivate button usually next to it there will be another settings link allowing you to manage the options of said plugin.

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Don’t panic if the settings button isn’t here the plugin Nepal Mobile Number List is also. Automatically added to the left menu with its own section or as another submenu usually in settings or appearance so you can configure it just by looking up its name in the menu. The second way to install the plugin another way to manually install the plugin is to use the second method I pointed out before if you have already downloaded the plugin please upload it. Additional information to download plugins simply go to the page select the desired plugin and click download. This process will save a file on our computer.

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The file and its internal folders must remain BTC Database US exactly as they were downloaded. You shouldn’t rename it because the plugin won’t work if you do. From our admin go to plugin add new section and select upload plugin option. This will explode a box with a select file button where we can click to find. The file and then click install now once its name appears on the screen. How to install a downloaded plugin in next will show data about the plugin once installed. It will notify us so we can click to activate the plugin or eg.