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Clips and seasoning them with auto-tuning electronic sequences and samplers. Carp started his creative adventure on 20/03/2019 to present his first video to the world. A remix of a well-known internet character has views and likes to date on YouTube. Carp has been in a constant musical evolution adapting his art to current trends, from the use of the Internet to give us clips of new characters, from various film series, music artists, to the campaign in Mexico in 2010, the latter leading to the most sought after social networks of the year One of the remixes is iconic.

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Recently Li’s latest offering on the ú í Li channel has Qatar Mobile Number List received a lot of criticism due to the very short duration of its remixes. Even so, the enigmatic artist never ceases to amaze his fans and you’ll be listening to each of his new songs. Carp has also proven to be a true musician not only in creating mixes but also in music creation and production. We can enjoy the artist’s original songs on his personal channel and is the key foundation that gives life to all his songs. But let’s go back to his ironic alter ego.

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His most popular videos on Twitter have over 10,000 views since BTC Database US their launch on the platform, leaving It’s a Banana Day and But With a Twist each with over 10,000 views. Carp’s music is a mix of different music genres such as and . In addition to some commercial songs there are also very obvious variants such as very lo-fi styles. The exposure of this crack is not limited to their music being found also on the most important digital platforms of the market such as and . The latter counts for a considerable number of monthly listeners.