Check the server configuration for errors

And it is unlikely that it will index inaccessible pages. So authoritative content pages may simply be ignore. Solution: replace any incorrect canonical content urls with valid urls. If the specifie authoritative page appears to be correct. Check the server configuration for errors. Please note that this issue may occur temporarily if your site crashes due to maintenance or if your site server is overloade. 3. Authoritative content page points to reirection this warning is triggere when one or more pages are authoritative as a reirecte url. Cause of the problem: authoritative content pages always point to the most authoritative version of the page. But this is not the case for reirect urls. Therefore.

Duplicate pages without authoritative

 Search engines may misunderstand or France WhatsApp Number Data ignore this authoritative page. Solution: replace the offending link with a direct link to the most authoritative version of the page (that is. The version that goes back to a 200 http status code and is not a reirect). 4.  content this warning is triggere when there are one or more duplicate or very similar pages that do not specify an authoritative version. Cause of the problem: since the canonical content page is not specifie. Google will try to choose the most appropriate version of the displaye search results. But this may not be the version you want to index. Solution: look at those duplicate pages and select one as the authoritative version that should be indexe in search results.

Hreflang tags should always point to

 Then designate this as the canonical page version for all German Whatsapp Number List duplicates (and add the self-referencing authoritative page tag to this version). 5. Hreflang to non-authoritative content pages this warning is triggere when one or more pages are specifie as non-canonical content urls in their hreflang annotations. Cause of the problem: links in  authoritative content pages. Linking to a non-canonical version of a page from an hreflang annotation can cause confusion and misunderstanding by search engines. Solution: replace the link in the hreflang comment of the affecte page with the canonical content page. 6. Canonical content urls have no internal incoming links this warning is triggere when there are one or more pages with no internal incoming links.