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Google may choose another one for various reasons (such as performance or content factors). The best effect of using the authoritative content tag is that it can effectively reuce the risk of google setting up authoritative web pages against our wishes. But I’m not duplicating content. Am I? Given that you probably don’t publish the same posts and pages multiple times. It’s easy to deuce that your site doesn’t have duplicate content. But search engines crawl urls. Not web pages. This means that they treat duct and exalor=re as different web pages. Even though they have the same or similar content. This is calle url parameterization. And they are a common cause of duplicate content.

duplicate content appears on all types

 Especially on e-commerce sites with facete/filtere navigation . For Denmark WhatsApp Number Data example. Brown bag clothing sells shirts. The following is the url of its main directory page : you will add a parameter like this after the urlminimal. But it’s not just e-commerce sites that are victims of this problem. Here are some other common reasons why  of websites: parameterize urls are set for search parameters (e. =search-term) a parameterize url is set for the session id (e.G. Htt) have separate printable version pages () set unique urls for different categories of posts / and example.

If you are doing content syndication

Have pages for different device types ave amp France Whatsapp Number List and non-amp versions of the page serve the same content on non) in these situations. It is necessary to make good use of authoritative content tags. In addition. The issue of duplicate content across domains is also a headache.  (for example. If a newspaper wants to republish your content verbatim on their website). Then you should ask them to add an authoritative link to the original url. Doing so will drive referral traffic from the newspaper while reucing the risk of google ranking the wrong url.