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How it happened was that the first live chat system was called by and at a time it was only available on the system for a maximum of people. Later, the first dedicated chat service for public commercial use was released in . It’s fascinating to see how far chat has evolved from today and how many different uses and applications it has. How Live Chat Can Benefit Companies Chat functionality, especially live chat, is beneficial for all types of businesses. of customers want to be able to chat live on a website and that percentage is growing exponentially year over year. Research also shows that customers won’t buy if they can’t find the live chat option.

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This is a great way to attract occasional visitors Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List and re-invite existing customers to make new purchases. Responsiveness helps people be more with your business and more likely to make higher-value purchases. Tips for adding live chat Use natural language Simple, natural language helps put users at ease and facilitates conversation. There are some default greetings that can be as standard replies but use them sparingly. You don’t want to sound like a robot when you’re talking to people. Your users are looking for a personal connection so give it to them. Being approachable and helpful you will go a long way toward building positive relationships with clients.

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Using Chatbots to Improve Response Times Research BTC Database US shows that approximately 100% of shoppers seek help when shopping online. They may not be able to browse your website or may more information about a product or may ask for help with the checkout process. In this case, chatbots can become your real-time salesperson providing interactive communication. They can ask specific questions to narrow it down and provide your customers with great content such as product pages, video tutorials, FAQ pages, and more. A short standard survey at the start You can offer quickly when a customer opens the live chat option.