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Depending on the brain area we want to evoke we will use one or the other. Let’s look at some examples of the magic word new improved or latest referring to new. Humans seek to keep up with the things we are interested in, which is why these words are common in advertising, especially in technology products where the differences between old and new versions are often small. Present or offer them to evoke a sense of immediacy among prospects. The goal is to make the client feel like they’ve missed an opportunity so it’s wise to take advantage of the situation. Words used to evoke imagination and feelings.

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Widely used to communicate to customers how they Tongliao Phone Number List feel when consuming our product services or what exclusivity or uniqueness they are used to exploit one of the six principles of persuasion scarcity. From these words comes a feeling that a certain product or service is special and therefore scarce. This allows to encourage sales or raise prices. An expert or professional uses authoritative principles of persuasion to try to convince a client to take a certain action because a supposed expert in the field recommends it. Because humans are not rational. We make decisions based on our emotions and try to provide them with reality through reason.

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Practical reasons this is why the term is so powerful. Several BTC Database US scientific studies have shown that adding a question after a question increases the chances of them accepting our request by giving the interlocutor a reason. Free is another most commonly used magic word. Humans tend to want benefits and refuse to work hard if we can get something at cost or welcome. This is why the word free is so popular in advertising. These are some of the words you can use to improve your persuasion skills and be one of those stores full of customers. Be one of those sites that grabs all the attention of your users.