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This is the hreflang tag we end up with: <link rel=”Alternate” hreflang ahrefs. Com blog de kostenlose-keyword-recherche-all we have to do is fill in the language code (de stands for germany) and the url. Select a region (optional) while You only need it is possible to specify a language and leave it there. The hreflang tag also supports adding a region or country. This is also a two-letter code. But this time in iso 31661 alpha 2 format ( full list ). You only nee to add this if you want to target speakers of a specific language in a specific locale. For example: english speakers in the uk: <link rel=”Alternate english speakers in the unite states

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You can see the syntax Lebanon WhatsApp Number Data here is: hreflang=language-country. Why you might nee to specify. You only need both imagine you run an e-commerce store that sells a single product. Your store ships to the unite states and the unite kingdom.  countries. But american customers want to buy in dollars. While british customers want to buy in pounds. To solve this problem. You create two versions of your product page. One showing the price in usd and the other in gbp. Pricing aside. The two pages are identical. So hreflang tags nee to be use to indicate to search engines why both versions exist. Sometimes it may also be necessary to do things the other way around: target speakers of different languages in the same country.

Basic elements for implementing

 For example. Let’s say you have a blog Turkey Whatsapp Number List post about a budget road trip in canada. Which has two official You only need languages: english and french. 56.9% and 21.3% of canadians speak english and french respectively. So you may benefit from both variations of this article. hreflang the implementation of hreflang tags is quite simple and we will discuss three methods later. But no matter which method you choose. There are three golden rules you must always keep in mind. Rule 1: hreflang tags are bidirectional one important thing is that hreflang tags work in pairs.