When the e-book finally went on sale

Regarding email marketing. I unfortunately no longer remember how many emails. I sent during the campaign or what I wrote in them. The first email I found in Active Campaign’s cache is dated August 10, 2016. Facebook ads In the first 4 months. I was doing effective Facebook advertising until February 2016 when. Facebook made its famous algorithm changes. Until ads worked, this was a productive way to make sales. At my best, I sold up to 7 e-books per day (7 x €29 = €203 daily sales).

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I wondered in our coaching Facebook group some time ago, whether I would be a blog coach now if the ads had worked latest database just as well after February… Marketing and sales of my first digital product Podcast During the launch, podcast, the recording of which is unfortunately no longer available to listen to. small children and how you can easily get started with your own finances. You might also like: 6 Digital Products You Can Make in a Week The launch team In addition to implementing all these marketing measures, I had a small but hardworking launch team.

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The purpose of the launch team BTC database US was to tell and comment on publications related to the book on social media. These people had also received the e-book to read in advance and had given me feedback about it, which I could use in the marketing of the book. The members of the launch team were also partners, i.e. they got their own affiliate link. When sales came through them, I paid them a small monetary commission for the results. At this point, unfortunately, I no longer remember what the ratio was between my own and my partners’ sales at that time. Feedback and testimonials feedback and results as marketing support.