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Tip prepare new fresh promotions When the Black Friday tradition began to spread around the world some sellers came up with a clever trick. Many sellers increas their prices just before the biggest promotion of the year then lower them to the usual and mark them as promotion . In this way huge BLACK FRIDAY signs could be plac on price aggregators and newsletters without actually giving any discount. The phenomenon has become so common that users have taken matters into their own hands and sites such as Fake Friday have sprung up to spot fake promotions. Of course you don’t want your store to be mark as a scammer. So avoid raising prices just before Black Friday even if they are due to changes in the wholesale price or taxes it’s better to do it before or after Cyber ​​Monday.

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Tip Start early Between November and November your audience will expect communication about discounts from other brands. Surely you also plan to send your newsletter or SMS campaign on these days among others. However the later you start informing South Africa WhatsApp Number List your audience about a special promotion the more likely you are to get lost in the crowd. Therefore consider starting communication even a few weeks earlier before your competition does. This way you’ll get users’ attention before other brands do. Use hashtags specific to special days on social mia.

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Also make sure you are present on price aggregators and websites with promotions Ceneo Pepper etc.  Users will visit them more often than usual and many sites are preparing special sections with Black Friday promotions. Tip Create good email subject lines Mailing campaigns are one of the most popular forms of promotion they are us by to of brands mark BTC Database US etinglink data. When conducting communication focus on Black Friday you will probably use this channel as one of the main ones. One of the most important elements of any mailing campaign is the title of the message. It depends on it how many users will open your mailing at all and get acquaint with the offer.