All Other Parameters Are

Set as part of the contractual obligation and their amount can be arbitrary. Contract duration monetary value counterparty list all of these are the total parameters reflected in the contract form due to the combination of obligation parameters contained in the contract. The mechanism of recording obligations adopted in the system makes it possible within the framework of one contract to formalize not only rental obligations but also obligations to provide services related to the lease relationship.

For example, a separate liability

Might include payments for equipment Croatian Email List installation services, maintenance of leasehold property and investment in leasehold improvements. The user can thus obtain complete information on the current outcome of the relationship between the two parties during the execution of the rental agreement by consulting a list of the obligations of the agreement. The reflection of the conditions for the fulfillment of contractual obligations in commercial contract accounting the standard lease obligations formulated in the subsystem include the following contract information contract object.

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The object of the lease agreement

Is whether the object of the fixed asset BTC Database US is leased or leased. Enter information about this property on special lines of the obligation form. The system then uses this information when generating the basis for lease payment documents. Information on the counterparty to the transaction. The parties under a lease agreement are the person to whom the lessee accepts the leased property. The person to whom the lessor assigns the property for lease. According to different agreements, credit institutions can serve both roles at the same time. So depending on the type of agreement the counterparty under the agreement. Will be the lessee to the revenue agreement to the lessor to the fee contract.