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Approve one of two revaluation methods in the accounting policy. This revaluation method will be us for all objects account for at revaluation cost. Proportional recalculation of the value of the object reflect in the balance sheet. Accumulat depreciation of fix assets and objects on revaluation the decrease in the value of revalu objects is reflect in the fix assets in the balance sheet at the revaluation date bas on the accumulat depreciation and the amount recalculat according to the fair value thereafter. Both revaluation methods will be in implement in the allocation package of the fix assets subsystem.

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Include calculating the cost index through the Bulk SMS Sweden revaluation proc ure bas on the data of the change pattern of the fair value and generating corresponding accounting entries. To set up the calculation it is only necessary to select the revaluation method in the subsystem parameters and to determine the individual account that will be us for the operation that generates the accounting document. All value changes that will go through the revaluation procure as usual will be reflect in the current state of the object’s inventory card as well as in the change history of the object’s accounting parameters.

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New proc ure in asset accounting is impairment BTC Database US testing. This is the proc ure an entity must follow when accounting for an asset. That its carrying amount does not exce its recoverable amount. If such an excess is found then the difference will reflect in the appropriate section of the income statement. Regulation no 1 stipulates that at the end of the reporting year, all fix assets, intangible assets. Real estate that are temporarily not us. For the main business of the enterprise must test for historical cost at least once.