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In this way, new websites are prevented from appearing on favorable terms from the first month, so that spammers cannot deceive users with poor-quality messages. But is what we told you true? Read on. Is it officially confirmed? As you can see in the video for a related question that tells us how it can take up to a year to figure out which keywords a new site should rank for. It is therefore normal for our rankings to fluctuate during the first year of life until they start to stabilize. Mueller’s comments are indeed consistent with those made some time ago.

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He commented in stark contrast to tweets asking about Poland Mobile Number List the existence of sandboxes and tweets asking about the existence of sandboxes in this regard they assure us that they don’t have a sandbox but if part of the algorithm works in a similar way and its goal is to understand which queries a site responds to respond correctly. After this information we can conclude that there is a sandbox but they don’t call it a sandbox they call it an algorithm that knows which keywords your site should be targeting. How long does the sandbox last? Well that’s a harder question to answer because it happens so often in the world it depends.

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It depends on what well whatever you consider BTC Database US taking out of the sandbox. It’s not uncommon for something longer than a day if leaving the sandbox means starting indexing for you. On the other hand if you want to start showing up for low competition keywords it usually takes about a month. From there it will all depend on keyword competition, your domain’s authority vs. The backlinks you get and how you get out of the sandbox. This is where things get serious. As expected there is no official guide on how to get out of the sandbox, but we’ve put together these that will definitely help you.