Option Flags Are Automatically

Install on new products gives the operator the opportunity to perform additional operations on it. Provide one-time service to identifi customers in the same manner as unidentifi customers. In this case the parameters of the client are automatically substitut into the screen form of the operation being perform . The operator presses the next customer button after completing customer service. Here the customer information area returns the data entry mode product list and the select product service information area is clear.

Serving multiple clients

At the same time there may be considerable pauses Burundi Email List in the process of servicing a client eg when the client reads and then signs the deposit agreement open for him. In this case the operator may serve another customer out of sequence eg accepting his utility payment. To do this, without closing the current service panel, open another instance of this panel in which to perform operations for another client. Gradual transition to a new user interface in order to provide the bank with a single window workstation as a circulation solution as soon as possible we decid to gradually transfer operations to the web interface. At present, a number of deposit business and loan issuance and repayment business have been transferr to it. The dialog form of these operations is directly display in the operation area of ​​the customer service panel.

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To perform operations that

Have not been transferr to the interface use the BTC Database US terminal window diagram with the interface. When selecting an operation that has not been convert to the new mechanics this window will automatically expand and perform the operation in it. The connection itself is perform through the external interface subsystem diagram, which performs authentication of the transport component that initiates the communication session with it. Provides the ability to remotely launch macro files in m ium. Its registry is maintain by the access and benefit-sharing administrative instrument providing access to standard software modules and proc ures.