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It’s hard to be grateful for the not-so-good side. We measure success by others. Do you know the saying that comparison is the thief of happiness? Unfortunately, social comparison, or when we try to understand where we stand by comparing ourselves to others, is another inherent psychological phenomenon. . Keeping track of our relationships has become easier and easier as the use of social networks has increased. We have instant access to each other’s best photos and we just say it doesn’t feel good. Those who limited their social media use to minutes per day felt much better.

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Constant comparison not only destroys our spirit but UK Mobile Number List also our gratitude. After all you may be satisfied with what you have achieved professionally so far. But what happens when you see former college classmates get promoted or sign publishing deals? There‚Äôs a reason we feel so much pressure to be goal-oriented. There are so many tips on how to practice mindfulness. Living in the present moment is extremely difficult. The reason is that we are conditioned to always look into the future. You already know where you’ll see yourself in five years’ time, what your long-term career goals are, and what your New Year’s resolutions are.

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So you can call it hustle culture or a workaholic for a BTC Database US living or whatever buzzword it is. The point is that we feel the need to be shamelessly ambitious and work hard to achieve something better than what we already have. The constant prospect of the future makes it harder to be content with the present. How to Start Practicing Gratitude in the Workplace Needless to say, gratitude can feel ambivalent. Appreciating where you are in your career isn’t second nature when you’re used to comparing your career progress to others or complaining about the typical office annoyance yet another meeting.