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For example, visit our team’s resume. We will reduce bounce rate now you have another good reason to work on your page improvement long awaited user metrics take these metrics very seriously to target us and increase page views session duration and reduce bounce rate. Increase funnel traffic don’t forget the fact I gave you before about us pages generate a ton of sessions. Internet users are becoming increasingly professional in their inquiries and seeking out the people behind brands before deciding to buy or obtain services. The same thing won’t work if you sell margaritas.

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Find your essence but what if you sell wellness products or Croatia Mobile Number List provide coaching or coaching services I guarantee you that searches for information about who you are will skyrocket and very smart google will provide users with your who we page. Now you will tell me how should I position the about us page in general it doesn’t matter where you stand right for that I have the home page and my service landing page or product table. Let me tell you that goggle’s belief in targeting unique keywords in every website is out of date. Now their bots are smarter and can crawl the web and based on.

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Keyword relevancy ranks as an entity across the site while the BTC Database US about us page is a key clue to ranking and appearing in face search results for bots. Other than that if this page works well and contains creative and high-quality copy then you are likely to stay in the minds of your readers and traffic to your brand will increase. Imagine when someone is hanging out on the internet and they land on your about us page with no clear goal of getting a service. It didn’t convert in that moment but you stayed on his mind because you were unbelievable.

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