Yolanda Díaz clashes head-on with supermarkets which call her proposal

The Minister of Labor and Social Economy Yolanda Díaz. Therefore, met this Monday with the employers’ associations of the distribution sector and with consumer associations in order to reach an agreement to prepare a shopping basket of basic products and limited prices. In this first contact with ASEDAS. ACES and ANGED. Therefore, the entities have already shown Díaz their refusal of the proposal alleging that “it is unviable. Counterproductive.” The businessmen allege that launching a basket of this type could pose “serious risks” for competition. Ignacio García. General director of the Spanish Association of Distributors.

Next week there could be more meetings

For her part, Yolanda Díaz , in a subsequent top industry data press conference. Positively valued the “constructive” attitude of the large distributors. Although she called on the associations to hold a new “longer ” meeting. To try again to reach a joint agreement on the shopping basket . It is expected to take place next week. The meeting with the supermarkets was also attended. The head of the Government’s Consumer Affairs area. Alberto Garzón, who, for the moment, is the only minister who has publicly and fully supported Yolanda Díaz. Other ministers.

A healthy and balanced basket

Seeing the head-on collision with the BTC Database US supermarkets, Ministers Díaz and Garzón have slightly qualified their words and have admitted that the Government is not going to be the one to regulate prices but that the large chains “will be free” to lower the prices of the products they consider Of course, the shopping basket of supermarkets that adopt this proposal must include balanced products among their offers such as meat. Therefore, fresh fish, eggs, fruit, vegetables and bread.