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Conclusion Meta description tags are still a fundamental part of on-page SEO for a website. For this reason although they have lost their relevance over the years they are still an indirect positioning factor and Google continues to take them into account in weighing rankings on results pages. Our advice is that you don’t stop optimizing them on your website as this will help you get clicks visits and organic traffic. So now you know get start and start working on your meta description Do you have any questions or suggestions Drop us a line or leave a comment and we will.

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Respond as soon as possible How do you prepare a brief with your Iran Mobile Number List client Francesco de Luis Mane Francesco de Luis Mane 2019 SEO Tutorials Briefing A previous report must be us as a starting point when launching a search engine positioning campaign which includes information about the project all the necessary and detail information and define the guidelines to be follow in the action plan according to the establish objectives. This preliminary report or document is call a briefing note. In this article we will explain what a brief is and we will give the key to the correct formulation that will serve as the basis for your project or your client’s project.

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Can you come with us Let’s go there. Table of contents BTC Database US What is a briefing As we outline at the beginning of this article, a briefing is a document that brings together all the relevant business information of our client. It will enable us to carry out our work successfully. Without this file we would have a hard time setting up web targeting actions such as keyword research audits etc because if we don’t know what product or service they offer or we don’t have access to web analysis tools we won’t be able to perform these tasks and our efforts will go unnoted. We collect from customers.

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